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Introduction to perspective image intensifier

Perspective image intensifier is invisible X-ray image converted to visible light image, and image enhancement. Newheek perspective image intensifier can provide quality detection service.

Perspective image intensifier, it includes shell and its internal conversion and display, whose character is: the described transformation for planar body, the dark cover connected to the amplifier. A light intensifier is set between the amplifier and the display screen.

Perspective image intensifier advantages: based on the two established medical X-ray image intensifier television system, greatly reduces the patient at the time of diagnosis by X-ray radiation dose, the X-ray dose is only 1/10 of the direct photography, for 1/50 of the fluorescent board perspective.

Perspective image intensifier add amplifier together components, can increase the input panel, expand the detection to the field of vision, input screen can be up to 20 inches, can effectively solve the original can not make large perspective image intensifier. The transform body is planar, which ensures that the final image edge is linear.

Newheek perspective image intensifier, linear image is good, easy to transport. It’s 6 inches, 9 inches and 12 inches. Can replace Toshiba, Thales perspective image intensifier.If you are interested in this product, please contact us by email.


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