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Is the small high voltage of the image intensifier a high voltage power supply?

Do you know what the small high voltage of the image intensifier refers to? In fact, it is a high-voltage power supply. We at Newheek are a manufacturer specializing in manufacturing image intensifiers and their components. Usually, what people say is a high-voltage power supply.
TH-30C high voltage power supply with Thales booster:
Overview TH-30C high-voltage power supply is a power supply used in conjunction with the French Thales image intensifier.
Main technical parameters of high voltage power supply
(1) The precautions mentioned below must be carried out under the premise of ensuring that the liner of the image intensifier can be used normally (except for liner damage such as liner discharge, leakage, air intake, input screen depression, etc.). (2) Before installation, please clean the high-voltage line connected to the high-voltage power supply on the image intensifier with alcohol and dry it, so as to avoid the high-voltage line being dirty, which may cause discharge after installation. (3) When installing, connect the cleaned high-voltage wire to the corresponding high-voltage output port of the high-voltage power supply according to the wire number. Remember that the high-voltage wire must be inserted to the end when connecting, and the high-voltage wire must be fastened. In order to avoid the loosening of the high-voltage line and the sparking phenomenon. (4) If the high-voltage line is also cleaned; it is also fastened, but there is still a slight discharge at the high-voltage end. The high-voltage line can be pulled out when the power is off, and the discharge problem will be solved after applying some high-voltage silicone grease on the line and reconnecting it. (5) In the process of adjusting the image, it can be adjusted according to the method mentioned in the manual. (6) Strict requirements for the use environment of the equipment, from the root cause to prevent the occurrence of discharge and burning of equipment due to abnormal working environment such as humid air.

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