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Main technical parameters of x-ray image intensifier (2)

The X-ray absorptivity of x-ray image intensifier refers to the absorptivity of fluorescent layer on input screen to X-ray.

Image intensifier how it works

The input screen gradually uses cesium iodide with higher atomic number as the fluorescent material (as reflected in previous articles) to enhance the X-ray absorption ability, and at the same time to make the fluorescent layer thinner, so as to achieve the effect of improving the X-ray absorption rate without reducing the resolution.

Finally, the conversion coefficient of the x-ray image intensifier, the wall paper of the brightness of the output screen and the X-ray irradiation rate of the input screen is called the conversion coefficient of the enhancement tube. He mainly used the old method to measure the enhancement efficiency of the reinforcement tube.

On the premise of the same other performance, the conversion coefficient is proportional to the area of the output screen. The brightness of the output screen remains unchanged, and the larger the conversion coefficient, the smaller the X-ray dose required.

image intensifier fluoroscopy

This is about the main technical parameters of the x-ray image intensifier.


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