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Main technical parameters of image intensifier x ray (1)

The field of view of image intensifier x ray refers to the maximum output image size displayed on the output screen when the axis of image intensifier x ray tube is illuminated parallel to X-ray under a certain electrode voltage.

Classification of image intensifier

The image resolution of image intensifier x ray is to observe the logarithm of black and white lines that can be seen in the width of 1mm by using resolution test card under appropriate conditions.

Image contrast refers to the placement of a circular lead plate equal to 10% of the effective area of the input screen in the center of the image intensifier x ray tube. The maximum brightness of the lead-free part and the brightness of the lead-shielded part are observed from the output screen. The ratio of the two is called image contrast.

Because the output screen of the image intensifier x ray tube has background gray level, the fluorescent screen of the image contrast transactional version will decrease.

Image intensifier for Fluoroscopy

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