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Medical image intensifiers play a key role in film inspection

In order to achieve dynamic image inspections in hospital film examinations, so that doctors can more accurately determine the cause of the disease, medical image intensifiers are usually added to X-ray machines.
The medical image intensifier is the main component of the X-ray TV system. Its function is to convert invisible X-ray images into visible light images, and then increase the brightness of the images thousands of times, so that the camera can perform TV shooting. Since CCD cameras have been widely used in recent years, the dynamic range, spatial resolution, and uniformity of the image have been improved.
The day before yesterday an Alibaba customer asked our company’s medical image intensifier to be installed on the X-ray TV device for X-ray fluoroscopy and photography. The medical image intensifier used before was 12 inches. Answer what customers have, and we at Newheek specialize in the production and sales of medical image intensifiers, and there are 6-inch, 9-inch, and 12-inch medical image intensifiers, which can replace the image intensifiers of Toshiba and Thales. We will enhance the medical image. After sending the equipment parameters of the converter to the customer, he was satisfied, and immediately ordered five sets.

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