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About the difference in X-ray image intensifier size

The input screen diameter of the X-ray image intensifier ranges from 4 inches to 16 inches. Image intensifiers with small input screens are more flexible, easier to operate, and more affordable. Small X-ray image intensifiers can slightly increase the resolution because electrons from the photocathode hit the output screen with higher accuracy. However, the range of the patient’s body that can be enclosed by the X-ray image intensifier input screen is limited. Larger image intensifiers X-ray image intensifiers are expensive and inflexible to operate, but they can provide a larger field of view and image magnification opportunities.
X-ray image intensifiers are divided into 6-inch X-ray image intensifiers, 9-inch X-ray image intensifiers and 12-inch X-ray image intensifiers. Our company mainly sells 9-inch X-ray image intensifiers, which are also the most commonly used X-ray image intensifiers at this stage.

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