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Do you know the principle of image intensifiers?

Do you know the principle of image intensifiers? Today, I will introduce the principle of image intensifier.
X-rays are emitted from the tube and penetrate the human body. Due to the different densities of human tissues, X-rays of different intensities are projected onto the input screen of the image intensifier. The X-rays are converted into X-rays by exciting the cesium iodide coating in the fluorescent layer. Visible light, the intensity of these visible lights is also different.
Visible light generates photoelectrons in the photoelectric layer (photocathode). The photoelectrons are refracted and focused by the electric field interface inside the inner container, and are accelerated and projected to the output end through the high-voltage power supply of the image intensifier to form an electronic image.
The electronic image is converted into a visible light image through the cesium iodide on the output screen, and is reflected by the aluminum film to the camera connected to the output end.
At present, our company mainly has 9-inch and 12-inch image intensifiers, which can be used industrially or medically. If you also need an image intensifier, please contact us!

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