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newheek NK-23XZ image intensifier can be used on industrial X-ray machines

Dandong’s Z inquired about replacing the 6-inch TH9466 industrial 6-inch X ray image intensifier. Now that our company has the appearance of Toshiba and Thales, we took live video and photos to the customer. Inch is expensive, he thinks that 6 inch X ray image intensifier is cheaper than 9 inch X ray image intensifier, so the report to the user is also low. It has been reported that the 6-inch models have been discontinued for many years, and it is difficult to find the source of the goods. This is already the lowest price. Now it is the epidemic period. Even if it is imported, the freight is more expensive than the equipment. This special situation can be explained to the user.
The customer said that the payment was made yesterday. The user is the X ray image intensifier of TH9466, and there are currently no pictures on the scene. The old enhancer user took it to another place, not in the user’s hands, so it is impossible to determine, take our existing 6-inch X ray image intensifier sample picture to the customer, the installation end is at the power supply shell, and finally choose the Toshiba shell. 
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