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How does an image intensifier convert X-rays into visible light

The role of an image intensifier device the conversion of X-ray light from dark to light.
An image intensifier converts invisible light into visible light, making the image thousands of times brighter and visible directly from a bright room.
Image intensifier tube container is the core part of image intensifier.
It is a large glass tube with a light seal coat (black trim) on the outer surface of the tube to maintain a high vacuum.
There is an input screen at the incident end of the image intensifier and the photocathode is close to the input screen.
The two are separated by a transparent layer.
The anode and the photocathode together form an electrostatic lens in which the gate is located between the anode and the photocathode.
Finally, the image information is reflected onto the output screen.
That’s how an image enhancer converts X-rays into visible light.
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