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Notes on image intensifier repair and replacement

Image intensifiers require regular maintenance and inspection to ensure that their functions are normal and stable.
When repairing and replacing image intensifiers, the following points should be noted:
1. Repairs and replacements must be carried out by professional technicians, and parts must not be disassembled, repaired or replaced privately.
2. Repairs and replacement parts must use verified accessories to ensure the normal operation and safety of the equipment.
3. During the repair and replacement process, the power supply of the equipment must be disconnected first, and the equipment must be in a safe state.
4. During the repair and replacement process, the corresponding operating procedures and safety standards must be followed to ensure that no safety accidents occur during the repair process.
5. During the repair and replacement process, attention should be paid to keeping the equipment clean and hygienic to avoid contamination and wear of the equipment.
In short, the image intensifier is one of the important equipment in the field of medical imaging, and its functions and effects have an important impact on the doctor’s diagnosis and treatment. Therefore, in terms of use, repair and replacement, relevant rules and regulations and operating standards must be strictly followed.
Our image intensifiers can replace image intensifiers of brands such as Toshiba, Thales, Siemens, and OEC. If your image intensifier has brightness reduction or discharge, please contact us.
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