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Repair and replace image intensifier and CCD camera

Heilongjiang client helps the hospital consult the camera maintenance and replacement for gastrointestinal machine. Sinovel provides the client with the maintenance and replacement of image intensifier and other accessories. Let’s have a look at the camera used for image intensifier.
The NK2014C9S camera from Newheek can accommodate image intensifiers from Newheek, Thales, Toshiba and Siemens.It is mainly used for X-ray machines such as C-arm, gastrointestinal machine and fluoroscopy machine.
Electrical parameters
Scan 625 horizontal, 50 vertical, interleaved scan, aspect ratio 4:3
Video output signal 1 vp – p (positive), 75 Ω termination
Resolution ≥800TVL(medium)
Minimum available illumination 0.05 lux (F =1.4)
Signal/noise rate ≥48 dB
Brightness discrimination level ≥8
The working conditions
The supply voltage is DC 12V/0.5A
The power of 5 w or less
Environmental conditions
5℃~35℃(working temperature), 0℃~40℃(ultimate working temperature)
Relative humidity 45 ~ 75%
Atmospheric pressure is 86 ~ 106 kPa
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