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Repair and replacement of Toshiba shadow booster high voltage power supply

High-voltage generator, also known as DC high-voltage generator, is the traditional name of high-voltage power supply. It refers to the high-voltage power supply mainly used in insulation and leakage detection. Now there is no strict difference between high-voltage power supply and high-voltage generator. The DC high-voltage generator is suitable for DC high-voltage tests and leakage currents of zinc oxide arresters, magnetic blower arresters, power cables, generators, transformers, switches and other equipment in power departments, scientific research units, railways, chemical industry, power plants, and large-scale enterprise power departments. test.
Before installation, please clean the high-voltage wire connected to the high-voltage power supply on the image intensifier with alcohol and dry it to avoid the high-voltage wire being dirty and causing discharge after installation. During installation, connect the cleaned high-voltage wire to the corresponding high-voltage output port of the high-voltage power supply according to the wire number. Remember that the high-voltage wire must be inserted to the bottom when connecting, and the high-voltage wire must be fastened. In order to prevent the high-voltage wire from loosening and sparking. In the process of adjusting the image, you can adjust it according to the method mentioned in the manual. Strict requirements are required for the use environment of the equipment, and the phenomenon of burning equipment caused by discharge and burning of equipment due to abnormal working environment such as humid air should be eliminated from the root cause.
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