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Repair the high-voltage power supply on the image intensifier

Manager W of Medical Equipment Service Department of Fuyang City, Anhui Province consulted Siemens’ high-voltage power supply for image intensifiers, and added WeChat to let customers send me a photo of the model of high-voltage power supply, and check if there is any inventory. After the high-voltage power supply of this image intensifier issued by the customer, the high-voltage power supply is not easy to buy. The customer means that the high-voltage line of their image intensifier is on fire, asking if our company can repair it and telling them that they need to enhance the image. After the device is mailed, our company will do the test first and confirm whether it can be repaired according to the result. The customer repeatedly considered that the image intensifier was expensive after all, afraid of accidents and damage during transportation, they decided to carry the door-to-door inspection and repair by themselves.

Two of the customers came to our company. Our engineers tested it and found that the high-voltage line caught fire, and decided to remove and replace the entire high-voltage line to solve the problem from the root cause. The customer agrees to repair the image intensifier, and the discharge phenomenon is significantly reduced after the repackaging is completed, telling that the current weather requires longer time to solidify than cold glue, and the effect will be better. After 30 hours of solidification, the phenomenon of fire was basically gone. After the customer goes back and installs, the glue has solidified. After installation and debugging, the image is normal. 

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