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The main advantages of X-ray image intensifier TV system

The X-ray image intensifier TV system has been introduced in more detail in the previous article, and will not be repeated here. The X-ray image intensifier TV system is an indirect image converter. The main advantages of the X-ray image intensifier TV system are: ① It can greatly reduce the amount of radiation directed to the subject, which can be reduced compared to direct perspective screen It takes 1/1000 of the dose to the X-ray; ② It can release the diagnostician from the X-ray radiation field. Because the signal has been converted to cable transmission, the display that the diagnostician needs to face can be placed anywhere; ③ It can be very good Observed images of dense tissues (such as bones) in the human body, because the X-ray light quantum number passing through the high-density tissues in the human body is very small, the converted fluorescent light is also very weak, but after high-magnification amplification by the image intensifier It can make the image light and dark enough to enter the sensitive area of the human eye, and enable the diagnostician to work calmly in a bright and comfortable environment. It should be noted that the X-ray image intensifier does not really increase the amount of information than the fluorescent screen, it just displays the image information to the human eye more appropriately.

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