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Repair X-ray high voltage power supply

Recently, a customer from a health clinic called to ask whether the VP-33314 X-ray high-voltage power supply could be repaired? The specific communication content with the customer is as follows:
The X-ray high-voltage power supply of their E5804HD-P3 image intensifier is burned out. Can your company repair it? Ask the clinic to take a photo and send it to me later. You can add my WeChat. Tell the customer that the label parameters of the X-ray high-voltage power supply are generally on both sides. According to the model of the image intensifier you provide, it should be a VP-3331* X-ray high-voltage power supply. Let the clinic check it.
At present, the customer has taken pictures. This X-ray high-voltage power supply is VP-33314. At present, our company has replacement products. As for whether it can be repaired, our company can only confirm it after inspection. If the clinic is sure to repair it, it can be mailed to us for inspection first. If the damage is not serious, we will try to repair it.
I have confirmed with the clinic, and the clinic agrees to mail it. Please send me the address.
Our company has received the X-ray high-voltage power supply. From the outside of the power supply, the circuit board at the semiconductor transistor is burnt through. From the traces, the X-ray high-voltage power supply has been repaired once. If it is repaired again, it will still be burned after a while, so our recommendation is no The value of repairing. Finally, the customer directly purchases the new X-ray high-voltage power supply.
Dear users, if you encounter this kind of problem, I believe you know how to solve it. If you have any questions, please contact us!

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