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Some 6-inch X-ray image intensifiers can be replaced with 9-inch X-ray image intensifiers

Recently, an industrial user asked about 6-inch X-ray image intensifiers for maintenance and replacement. They use X-ray image intensifiers mainly for mobile phone battery inspection. The 24-hour working system, the life of X-ray image intensifiers is 3K-1W It needs to be replaced in about a few hours. After a period of time, there will be a black circle in the middle of the image, the overall image quality will decrease, and there will be more noise. Normally, they use 60-70KV, which is supplied by a domestic X-ray machine manufacturer. Tell it now 6-inch X-ray image intensifiers have basically been discontinued. Our company mainly produces 9-inch X-ray image intensifiers. Customers said they want to use a sample of X-ray image intensifiers to verify the image quality as soon as possible. Regarding the trial of X-ray image intensifiers, You need to sign a loan contract with the customer and ask for customer information. The customer said that it will be about half a month for the trial. To make a product loan contract to the customer, you need to pay a deposit. After the trial is completed, if the X-ray image intensifier is not damaged in any way, the full amount will be returned. Therefore, the payment X The X-ray image intensifier may not be directly installed on the machine. It needs to be sent to see the installation holes, and the corresponding accessories may need to be processed. The return date may be later. If possible, the subsequent purchase of X-ray image intensifiers very big.

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