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South African customers inquire about high voltage generators

South African customers saw the high-voltage generators promoted by Huading Electronics on a sales platform and sent inquiries to ask for more information. The high-voltage generator is an important part of the X-ray machine, providing high-voltage conditions for the tube to emit rays. High-voltage generators are divided into power frequency and high-frequency. High-frequency high-voltage generators are small in size and stable in frequency, and are more and more preferred by users. The client said he wanted a 50kW high frequency ,high voltage generator. We first asked the customer to confirm whether it is used on the X-ray machine or the X-ray machine. The customer said that it was used for filming. We sent the product parameters of the 50kW high-voltage generator to the customer for reference. The customer asked if there was a 32kW generator, and replied that the 50kW high-voltage generator could be adjusted to 32kW to meet the user’s needs.

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