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Structural composition of photocathode image intensifier

Photocathode image intensifier is an important part of X-ray machine TV system. Its quality plays a decisive role in the performance of TV system. photocathode image intensifier are of poor quality and difficult to obtain satisfactory images in clinical diagnosis.
Thephotocathode image intensifier is made up of three parts: an intensifier tube, a shell and a power supply.
The reinforcing tube is composed of input window, scintillator, photocathode, electrode, output fluorescent screen, output window and shell.
The shell of photocathode image intensifier adopts metal shell to achieve electromagnetic shielding and absorb X-ray, which can prevent electromagnetic interference and X-ray leakage. The shell material is usually made of aluminum or iron sheet. Lead and beryllium film alloy shielding layer are added to the shell. In order to achieve the shielding effect, the beryllium Mo alloy shielding layer should be annealed in hydrogen after molding.
The power supply is a power supply for the enhancement tube.
photocathode image intensifier


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