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9438 image intensifier : introduced

9438 image intensifier is commonly used as the receiving device of medical X-ray imager in the field of medicine.
It belongs to electron optical focusing vacuum tube imaging device, and 9438 image intensifier mainly consists of vacuum inverter and lens coupled CCD camera. The variable field X-ray image intensifier includes the rare earth green screen, objective lens, image brightness enhancer, relay lens and CCD camera set in sequence along the optical path.
9438 image intensifier is characterized by an aperture and a plane reflector in the light path between the rare earth sensor green screen and the objective lens.The rare earth green screen adopts the rare earth quick green screen based on aluminum and the objective lens is a continuous zoom lens.
Instead of Toshiba and thales, Newheek 9438 image intensifier consists of X-ray image intensifier tubes, tube containers, dedicated high-voltage power supplies built into the tube vessels and low-voltage power supplies that drive the high-voltage power supplies.
Newheek 9438 image intensifier is mainly suitable for small c-arm, gastrointestinal machine and industrial tire hub detection.
9438 image intensifier


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