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Thales booster high voltage power supply

Some customers in Jiangxi have seen our company’s high-voltage power supply for image intensifiers from our company’s website. The image intensifier’s high-voltage power supply is designed to provide high-voltage voltage to the image intensifier. The customer’s image intensifier is Thales image intensifier. The model is TH9428. The high-voltage power supply produced by our company can replace the high-voltage power supply of Thales TH9428. Detailed information and pictures are sent to customers to see and inform us that the high-voltage power supply produced by our company is basically the same as Thales in terms of performance, parameters and appearance, and we It has been producing such products for more than ten years, dispelling the doubts of customers. Customers pay for the purchase after asking the price. After a period of time after the customer received the goods, we paid a return visit to the customer, and there was no problem with the alternative power supply, and we were very satisfied with the quality of our products.
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