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Thales image intensifier replacement

The working principle of the image intensifier: the transmitted X-rays passing through the human body are irradiated on the input screen of the image intensifier to obtain a fluorescent image with weaker brightness. After the image intensifier is enhanced, a brightness is obtained on the output screen than on the input screen. Fluorescent image with tens of millions times brighter. After the image on the output screen is transmitted and corrected by the optical system, the X-ray fluoroscopy image is displayed on the monitor screen.
Thales image intensifier 9428 can be completely replaced by the NK23XZ image intensifier produced by our company. Our image intensifiers have EMC certificates and ROHS certificates. As a manufacturer of image intensifiers since 1999, Newheek has been providing customers with solutions that can replace products of different brands, such as Thales image intensifiers.
If you are interested in our products, please pay attention to the above information. Our Newheek company is a professional manufacturer of X-ray machines and accessories. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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