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High-voltage power supply for shadow intensifier

The high-voltage power supply with the lead layer and the beryllium film alloy shielding layer in the image intensifier is often called a small high voltage.
A customer in Dubai asked whether our high-voltage power supply can replace the high-voltage power supply of Siemens HIDEQ 23-3 ISX. Their shadow increase high-voltage power supply is broken. If you change a new high-voltage power supply, it is best to send us the photo and label of the image intensifier. If you have product parameters, it is better to send us.
The customer sent us the product and label pictures, and replied that we have a corresponding product that can replace the high-voltage power supply of Siemens HIDEQ 23-3 ISX. We have produced such products for more than ten years, have rich industry experience, and have relevant certifications. Dispel the customer’s doubts, the customer will ship the goods after payment.
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