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The high-voltage power supply used by the image intensifier is used for replacement

Iranian customers saw our high-voltage power supply on our company’s Newheek international website and left a message to inquire about this replacement product.
We replied to the customer and asked if the customer would like to replace the high-voltage power supply of the original image intensifier. If it is to replace a new high-voltage power supply, it is best to send us the photo and label of the image intensifier. The customer said that he wanted to use a vertical dental X-ray machine for replacement and repair, and sent us the pictures. We explained to customers that our high-voltage power supply is dedicated to image intensifiers and does not meet the replacement and maintenance of other equipment.
We in Newheek produce a variety of replacement image intensifiers and high-voltage power supplies. Its products are exported to dozens of countries and regions and have been unanimously recognized by customers. If you are interested in this image intensifier high voltage power supply. Welcome to contact us!



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