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The hospital replaces the E5761HD-P1 X-ray image intensifier liner

Recently, the prison hospital called to consult the high-voltage power supply of the X-ray image intensifier of the E5761HD-P1, saying that their equipment has been more than 10 years old, and it can be used for gastrointestinal examinations and chest fluoroscopy. What I am currently testing is that the high-voltage power supply on the X-ray image intensifier is broken. From the outside of the device, they only see the 24V low-voltage power supply, and the high-voltage power supply cannot be seen inside. Ask if our company has a suitable replaceable high-voltage power supply. Inform customers that if they cannot fully confirm the failure of the high-voltage power supply, it is best to mail the X-ray image intensifier to our company, and our company will do a free comprehensive inspection to confirm the most true cause of the failure. After receiving the X-ray image intensifier and high-voltage power supply mailed by the customer, our engineers conducted a comprehensive test on the E5761HD-P1 X-ray image intensifier, and the test showed that the high-voltage power supply was not problematic, and it was a failure of the X-ray image intensifier liner. After communicating with the customer, the hospital decided to replace it with a new liner. After replacing the new inner tank, send the test results to the customer. Due to the actual distance, our company no longer sends people to install it. It is recommended that customers directly find a professional engineer from the local area to install and debug. If there are any problems during the installation process, our company can provide telephone technical guidance to ensure that customers are Everything went smoothly during installation and commissioning.

“Dear hospital users, if the X-ray image intensifier used in your hospital has a similar failure, I believe we can help you solve the problem, please get in touch with us via email.

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