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The inner electrode of the X-ray image intensifier falls off

Overseas Network, June 9th Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director general of the World Health Organization (WHO), said Monday (8th) that although the new European crown epidemic is improving, the global epidemic is worsening.
According to the Tass news on the 8th, Tan Desai said in the epidemic briefing that day, WHO has received nearly 7 million case reports and nearly 400,000 deaths. He said that although the situation in Europe is improving, the situation worldwide is deteriorating.
Tan Desai recalled that more than 100,000 new cases were reported every day for the past 9 days worldwide. By Sunday (7th), this number exceeded 136,000 in one day. Tan Desai said: “Of the cases reported yesterday (7th), 75% came from 10 countries, most of which are located in the Americas and South Asia.” “The number of new crown cases in most countries in Africa is still increasing, and some reported cases have appeared. In a new geographical area,” Tan Desai added: “We also see an increase in the number of cases in parts of Eastern Europe and Central Asia.”


The inner electrode of the X-ray image intensifier falls off:
① Performance phenomenon: During the process of getting up in bed, the image on the display shows that there are flowing objects flowing from the edge or from the middle to the edge. Finally, the display becomes white, which makes it impossible to see the image clearly. This phenomenon often occurs when the G3 of the Thales tube falls off.
②Solution: Unable to repair, replace the inner shell of X-ray image intensifier or purchase new X-ray image intensifier.



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