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The overall structure of the image intensifier

Side of the image intensifier:

The inner layer of the image intensifier is a glass liner (ie, reinforced tube), and the outside is covered with black insulation to cover the light and is a key component to achieve the function of the image intensifier; the outer layer is the lead layer, which is mainly used to absorb and isolate X-rays that do not produce photoelectric effects. ; Outside is the shield layer of Permalloy (not shown), the main role is to prevent external magnetic fields; the outer layer is a metal shell (ie, the sleeve), which mainly plays a protective and fixing role.

Input terminal of the image intensifier:

Input flange (input interface ring), made of aluminum, fixing the input end and connecting the parts of the diagnostic bed;

Filter plate, made of aluminum (ultra-thin, easily scratched and deformed), can be replaced with a wire grid, but the effect is not as good as the wire grid

Output of the image intensifier:

Output flange (output interface ring), made of aluminum, fixed output end, connected to camera parts.

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