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The role of X-ray image intensifier

When it comes to image intensifiers, I believe that many friends in the radiology department of the hospital know them, and some laymen may wonder, what is an image intensifier, and what does it look like? Today I will take you to know about the image intensifier. The image intensifier is mainly composed of a casing, an intensifier vacuum tube (including the intensifier input screen and the intensifier output screen), a high-voltage power supply module and a high-voltage cable.
The purpose of the image intensifier: mainly used in the image enhancement of low-dose X-ray machines, so that very low X-rays pass through the measured object to form valuable images through the electronic multiplication of the image intensifier, thereby reducing the impact of X-rays on the use of X-rays. Human injury, safe to use, light, high resolution, clear images can be seen without a dark room. Leaked radiation dose is low, without any protection, it is an essential testing equipment for hospitals.
We may sometimes see image intensifiers in hospitals, but you have not understood them. Now that I have said that, you should understand the usefulness of image intensifiers.
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