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An overview of x-ray image intensifiers

The first practical X-ray image intensifier was produced by Philips of the Netherlands in 1952, and its appearance can be regarded as a milestone in the field of X-ray imaging.
The basic structure of an X-ray image intensifier is composed of three parts: an image intensifier tube, a tube sleeve and a power supply. The image intensifier tube is the core component of the image intensifier. Its structure is to encapsulate the input screen, focusing electrode, anode, output screen and ion pump in the high vacuum glass envelope.
The working principle is realized by utilizing the electronic and optical principles in physics. To put it simply, the image formed after X-rays penetrate the object to be irradiated is projected onto the image receiving end of the intensifier, thereby exciting the receiving end of the intensifier to generate a weak visible light image. The light generated by this image excites the photocathode to generate escaped electrons, and the generated electrons are accelerated and focused to the image output end of the intensifier under the action of a high-voltage electric field. The fluorescent screen at the image output end of the intensifier is excited under the double action of electrons and accelerated convergence to produce a visible light image with sufficient brightness.
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