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The role of X-ray image intensifier

The X-ray image intensifier consists of a shell, an intensifier vacuum tube (including an intensifier input screen and an intensifier output screen), a high-voltage power supply module and a high-voltage cable.
The scope of application of the product is matched with X-ray diagnostic equipment for X-ray imaging.
The use of X-ray image intensifier: It is mainly used for image enhancement of low-dose X-ray machines, so that very low X-rays pass through the object to be measured and form valuable images through the electron multiplication effect of the X-ray image intensifier, thereby reducing X-ray damage to the user is safe to use, portable, and high-resolution, and clear images can be seen without the need for a dark room. The radiation leakage dose is low and no protection is needed. It is a necessary testing equipment for hospitals. At the same time, it can also be used for on-site diagnosis of athletes and military personnel in the event of injury, non-destructive testing of industrial departments, and safety inspections of security departments, customs and other departments.


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