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The structure of image amplifier

Side: image amplifier (namely intensifier tubes), is the innermost bladder with black electrical tape wrapped outside shading, is the key to realize enhancer function components;Outward is the lead layer, the main role is to absorb and isolate the photoelectric effect of the X-ray;Further out is the shield layer of permalloy (not shown), whose main function is to prevent and avoid the external magnetic field;The outermost layer is the metal shell (tube sleeve), mainly for protection and fixation.
The structure of image amplifier
2. Input end: input flange (input end interface ring), aluminum, fixed input end and connected parts of the diagnostic bed;Filter plate, aluminum (very thin, easy to scratch and deformation), can be replaced with the filter gate, but the effect is not as good as the filter gate
3. Output end: output flange (output end interface ring), aluminum, fixed output end and camera connection parts
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