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The structure of the image intensifier

The core component of the image intensifier is the intensifier, which consists of an input screen, a photocathode focusing electrode, an anode (accelerating electrode), an output screen, an ion pump and a housing. The principle is that the input screen converts the received X-ray image into a visible light image, and then converts it into an electronic image by its photocathode. The electronic image is finally converted into a visible light image by the output screen. Because the photoelectrons obtain energy in the electrostatic field, and the area of the input screen is larger than that of the output screen, the optical density increases, so that the brightness of the output image is thousands of times stronger than that of ordinary fluorescent light.
The image intensifier is generated and matched with the TV system to liberate the fluoroscopy work from the darkroom, and realize the automatic adjustment of the fluoroscopy brightness; reduce the X-ray dose (the required X-ray dose is reduced to the X-ray dose required by the original fluorescent screen type fluoroscopy) 1/10 of that); the image can be transmitted to a certain distance for observation and display; the diagnostic accuracy and efficiency are improved. The application range of X-rays is rapidly expanded, so the appearance of image intensifiers is considered to be an important stage in the development of X-ray equipment.
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