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The structure of the image intensifier

The working principle of the image intensifier: The transmitted X-rays passing through the human body irradiate the input screen of the image intensifier to obtain a fluorescent image with weaker brightness. After being enhanced by an image intensifier, a fluorescent image with a reduced size and a brightness of 10 million times stronger than the input screen is obtained on the output screen. After the fluorescence image on the output screen is transmitted and corrected by the optical system, it is captured by the camera tube. The video current signal output from the camera tube is amplified by the preamplifier, the image signal is controlled by the controller, processed and amplified to obtain a complete TV signal, and then transmitted to the monitor, and the X-ray fluoroscopic image is displayed on the monitor screen .
Image intensifier structure: It is composed of an image multiplier tube, a tube container, a special high-voltage power supply built in the tube container, and a low-voltage power supply for driving the high-voltage power supply.
Image intensifier size: can be divided into 16 inches, 13 inches, 12 inches, 9 inches, 6 inches, 4.5 inches and other models. Among them, the medical field usually uses 13 inches, 12 inches, 9 inches and 6 inches, the industrial fields usually use 12 inches, 9 inches, 6 inches and 4.5 inches, and 16 inches is relatively small.
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