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The technical development direction of high voltage power supply

There are two main technical development directions of high voltage power supply, one is to increase the power of power supply, namely high voltage and high current;The second is to reduce the size of the power supply, that is, high voltage, small volume, and reduce the size of the power supply is mainly to increase the switching frequency of the power supply.High-power power sources tend to be larger in volume, while low-power power sources tend to have smaller current and smaller power.

In addition, high voltage insulation, high conversion efficiency, high load, high precision, low ripple is also the research direction of X-ray high voltage power supply designers.Low ripple is particularly important for high voltage X-ray power sources (such as photomultiplier power sources) used for spectral analysis.This index will directly affect the accuracy of analysis and measurement.In terms of low ripple, the ripple of micro high voltage power supply produced by east temperature and high voltage can be controlled at 0.005%.

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