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The working principle and components of X-ray image intensifier

The X-ray image intensifier is the main component of the X-ray TV system. Its function is to convert invisible X-ray images into visible light images, and then increase the brightness of the images thousands of times, so that the camera can perform TV shooting. Since CCD cameras have been widely used in recent years, the dynamic range, spatial resolution, and uniformity of the image have been improved.
The X-ray image intensifier is composed of a tube sleeve, a bare tube with a shielding sleeve, and a power supply. The bare tube with a shielding sleeve includes: a lead shielding sleeve, a permalloy shielding sleeve and an X-ray image intensifying tube. The bare tube is composed of four parts: input screen, electronic focusing system, output screen, and tube shell to form a sealed vacuum device. The working principle of the X-ray image intensifier is that X-rays excite the cesium iodide coating to produce visible photons, excite the photocathode, generate photoelectrons, and finally focus and accelerate through the electronic focusing system, bombard the output phosphor screen, and form a brightness enhancement and Reduced visible light image.
We at Newheek are specialized in the production and sales of X-ray image intensifiers. Among them, the NK-23XZ-Ⅲ X-ray image intensifier 9-inch is an electronic device that converts X-ray images into visible light images. It is installed on the X-ray TV device for X-ray fluoroscopy and photography. The X-ray image intensifier is composed of an X-ray image multiplier tube, a tube container, a dedicated high-voltage power supply built in the tube container, and a low-voltage power supply for driving the high-voltage power supply. The nominal incident field size is 230mm, which is mainly suitable for small C-arms (orthopedics), gastrointestinal machines, industrial tire wheel detection, etc.

X-ray image intensifier


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