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Tianjin customer consultation image intensifier CCD camera

Today, an engineer from Tianjin called to ask how our CCD cameras are sold? Simply asked what the customer’s equipment is like? It is understood that the client is an engineer in a hospital, and the image intensifier is used on a stone crusher.

First of all, what needs to be understood is how many inches is the customer’s image intensifier? 9 inches or 12 inches? What is the output field of view? 20mm or 25mm? The customer reply is 9 inches, 25mm field of view.
Second, ask the customer if the image intensifier can still produce images? Because sometimes the CCD camera is not necessarily broken, it is very likely that the image intensifier is broken. Customer feedback said that there is no problem with Yingzeng. When exposed, Yingzeng will have blue light, and it will take over the rays.
According to the judgment of our engineers, the customer’s equipment should be damaged. Later, I asked the customer to do an experiment, and it turned out that the shadow was indeed damaged. However, according to the engineer, Yingzeng has been using it for almost 20 years and wants to replace it with a new one. Therefore, I will not repair it for the time being, ask the hospital for opinions, and then make a decision.
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