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What affects the imaging of image intensifiers?

What affects the imaging of image intensifiers?  There are many factors affecting the clarity of image quality.
The uneven illumination of the outdoor will cause the image to be too concentrated. The image obtained by the camera undergoes digital-to-analog conversion, and noise pollution will occur when the line is transmitted.
Application of image intensifier in fluoroscopy
The image quality is not acceptable. Avoid lowering, the lighter appears to be accompanied by noise in the image, it is difficult to see the details of the image; the image of the heavy one is ambiguous, and even the outline of the object is difficult to see. Therefore, before the image is analyzed, the image must be improved, that is, the image is enhanced. Image enhancement does not consider the cause of image quality degradation. It only selectively highlights important features of interest in the image, while attenuating unwanted features, in order to improve image intelligibility.
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