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TV camera for image intensifier TV system

TV camera for image intensifier the role of TV system is to complete image decomposition and signal pickup under the control circuit.
Briefly introduce the TV camera for image intensifier TV system is what constitutes it. TV camera for image intensifier TV system consists of a lens, a camera tube (image conversion device), a deflection yoke control and protection circuit, a preamplifier circuit, and the like.

12 inch image intensifier application
(1) The camera tube is a photoelectric conversion device made according to the photoelectric effect, and its function is to convert an optical signal into an electrical signal.
(2) Structure of the ray tube: It consists of an electron gun, a photoelectric conversion target, a target ring, a glass casing, and the like.
I believe that everyone has some understanding of the image intensifier TV system, next time to explain the specific role of the structure of the tube.
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