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What are the advantages of the image intensifier?

Do you understand the working process of the X-ray image intensifier? Simply tell everyone about the working process of X ray image intensifier.

12 inch image intensifier application
When the X-ray image intensifier is working, the X-ray generated by the X-ray tube passes through the CsI·Na screen of the X-ray image intensifier after being detected by the human body or object, so that the screen emits a weak light, and the X-rays of the detected object absorb X.

The energy of the ray is different, and a faint light image with an intensity distribution corresponding to this is displayed on the CsI·Na screen. The image is irradiated onto the photocathode which is in close contact with it, and the photocathode is excited to generate photoelectrons corresponding to the brightness distribution of the image. The photoelectrons are focused, accelerated, and then hit on the output screen to obtain a visible light image with reduced size and enhanced brightness. It can be viewed directly by the human eye or coupled to the camera tube.


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