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What is the role of the cannula in the image intensifier?

Do you know the sleeve? Do you know the sleeves in the image intensifier? Last time we talked about the tube part of the three-part structure of the image intensifier. Today we will tell you about the remaining two parts: the back end and the front end.

How industrial image intensifiers work
Similarly, their role is to ensure the safety and normal use of the reinforced tube. The reinforced tube is packaged by the sleeve and clamped and fixed in a reasonable position.
1. Rear end: The rear end is integrated with the barrel and has the same structural layer to complete the clamping, positioning and collimation of the reinforcing tube together with the barrel and the front end. Its central part is increasing
The output screen of the strong tube, where the objective lens of the intensifier optical system is mounted.
2. Front end: There is a grid and a guard plate seal at the front end of the sleeve. When used in an X-ray tube gastrointestinal examination bed under the bed, the front end of the sleeve is also provided with an interface board connected to the spot frame. Casing front end
Without shielding materials, the external magnetic field will have an effect on the reinforced tube. The common magnetic field affects the reinforced tube, especially when it is placed in the north-south direction.


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