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What are the disadvantages of image intensifier in fluoroscopy?

X-ray image intensifiers have some disadvantages in perspective. Here are a few of them:
Radiation dose: A certain amount of radiation is produced during the perspective process. Although these radiation doses are usually low, they can still pose potential health risks to operators and patients during prolonged or frequent use.
Image quality: Although an image enhancer can enhance and enlarge an image, in some cases it may not provide a clear and detailed enough image. Especially with complex anatomy or dense compositions, image quality can be limited.
Reliance on operator skills: Skilled skills and experience are required when operating. The operator needs to accurately grasp the operation and adjustment of the instrument to ensure the accuracy and clarity of the image. This can be challenging for new or inexperienced operators.
Limited perspective: The perspective of an image intensifier is usually limited and can only cover a limited area. This may in some cases result in an inability to fully observe and evaluate the required area or structure, requiring multiple mobile devices to fully observe.
To sum up, although X-ray image intensifiers have many advantages in perspective, they also have some disadvantages. These factors need to be considered and balanced when using to ensure operational safety and obtain the right image quality. If you are interested in this product, please contact us. Whatsapp:+86 18953679166. Email:

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