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A Russian customer repaired the image intensifier through our company

A customer from Russia saw the image intensifier promoted by Weifang Newheek Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd. on the website and came to consult us. Through communication, we learned that the customer’s image intensifier is used on an industrial non-destructive flaw detection machine to detect industrial parts, and now the image is blurred and cannot be used due to unknown reasons. The other party asked us if we could repair or replace it, and provided the product model number. We reply to customers that our company is a manufacturer of image intensifiers and can repair or replace them. Customers prefer maintenance solutions for cost reasons. Because the cause of the failure is not clear, it is recommended that the customer send the equipment to our company for inspection, and then decide whether to repair it according to the inspection report and maintenance plan issued by our engineer. The other party was very satisfied with our suggestion and immediately sent the equipment to our company.
Through the professional inspection by our engineers, we found that the customer’s image intensifier has been used for 10 years, the protective sheet at the input end is broken, and the filter plate is dented, which leads to leakage of photocathode. In addition, the inner electrode of the liner is not in good contact, and it is estimated that it is half off, resulting in unstable output image quality, sometimes relatively clear and sometimes very blurred, which affects normal use. We issued a formal test report and maintenance plan for the customer, suggested that the customer replace the liner, output protection sheet and filter plate, and sent the corresponding quotation to the customer. Customer feedback will be reported to the company to follow the process to promote the repair process, let us temporarily help keep their image intensifier.
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