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What device is the image intensifier used on?

As we all know, with the rise of DR, the image intensifier has been gradually replaced, and the current image intensifier has also been discontinued. However, the function of the image intensifier is still very powerful. Instead of the image intensifier, only a dynamic flat panel detector can be used, and the dynamic flat panel detector is very expensive, which is not affordable by most people, so so far, Image intensifiers are still needed by many people.
An image intensifier is an electronic device that converts an X-ray image input into a visible light image output. It is installed on the X-ray TV device for X-ray perspective and photography. Imaging clarity can be increased. Although the video intensifier has been discontinued, our company still has a lot of stock, most of which are 9 inches, which can replace Thales (Thomson) TH9428, TH59428, TH-23XZST or Toshiba E5804HD, E5804SD, E5764HD, E5764SD, OEC and other image intensifiers device.
If you have a need, please inform us of the specific requirements, such as size and output field of view, or send us the label of the image intensifier you are using, and we will help you confirm whether it can be repaired and replaced. Welcome to consult. Whatsapp:+86 18953679166. Email:

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