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Image Intensifier Troubleshooting

If the image intensifier fails, the following troubleshooting can be done:
1. Check the power supply and wiring: Check whether the booster is powered on normally, and check whether the wires and plugs are intact. Try replacing the power cord or plug to see if it is a power problem.
2. Check the signal line and coaxial cable: Check whether the signal line or coaxial cable is connected normally and is not loose or disconnected. Try replacing the signal wire or coaxial cable to see if it is a signal transmission problem.
3. Check the power amplifier: If the image intensifier works through the power amplifier, check whether the power amplifier is working normally. You can judge whether there is a problem with the power amplifier by replacing the power amplifier.
4. Check the image processor: If the image intensifier works through the image processor, check whether the image processor is working normally. You can judge whether there is a problem with the image processor by replacing the image processor.
5. Contact the manufacturer for repair: If none of the above steps solve the problem, you can contact the image intensifier manufacturer for repair, or seek professional technical support.
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