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What does Newheek’s digital TV system look like

What does Newheek’s digital TV system look like?

Newheek’s DTV system has HD camera Gamma correction – Megapixel Digital Camera.

1. Product Information

Newheek Electronics specializes in introducing a dedicated Gigabit Network black-and-white camera, which can be used for small C digital upgrades, widely adapted to the current popular 9-inch, 12-inch image intensifier.

2. Megapixel Digital Camera Advantage

(1) high sensitivity, which can effectively reduce radiation dose and obtain richer image details.
(2) rich I/O interface;
(3) Gigabit network is used as data transmission interface to simplify connection procedure, reduce equipment cost and facilitate production and maintenance.

3. Megapixel Digital Camera Main Technical Parameters

(1) Recursive inter-frame denoising, intra-frame filtering, edge enhancement, Gamma correction, bad point correction and other image processing functions;
(2) expand the function of electric diaphragm, focusing and ND filter.
(3) the hardware implementation of Gige Vision protocol is faster and more compatible with the third party GigEVision software.
(4) It has the function of retransmitting and continuing transmission to ensure that the data is not lost and the CRC checks to ensure the correctness and reliability of the data.

An image intensifier TV system equipped with megapixel digital cameras. Welcome to

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