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What if you have broken image intensifier?

There are several main reasons why image intensifier can’t work normally:

9 inch image intensifier structure Night vision image intensifier app
High voltage power supply discharge
2. Image intensifier output screen discharge
3. Liner leakage
4. Poor vacuum in the liner
What should I do if I encounter a high voltage power supply discharge?
1 performance phenomenon: the main form of discharge of high-voltage power supply is the ignition of the high-voltage end of the power supply and the sound of noisy noise.
2 solutions:
First: In the case that the power supply is not broken, the high-voltage end of the line can be removed and cleaned first, then the high-voltage end of the power supply is coated with high-pressure grease and the high-voltage line is reconnected. This eliminates the discharge of the power supply.
Second: The high voltage power supply discharge is too severely damaged. Only replace the power supply.


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