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What is the core of the image intensifier

There are two functions of the image intensifier: one is to transform the X-ray image into a visible light image; the other is to enhance the brightness nearly ten thousand times. The core of the image intensifier is the liner for photoelectric conversion. The price of the inner tank accounts for 70% of the entire image intensifier. There is no domestic manufacturer, and it can only be imported.
X-rays are emitted from the tube and pass through the human body. Due to the different density of human tissues, X-rays of different intensities are projected on the input screen of the intensifier, and the X-rays are converted into visible light by exciting the cesium iodide coating in the fluorescent layer. , the intensity of these visible light is also different. The photoelectric effect of visible light in the photoelectric layer (photocathode) produces photoelectrons, which are refracted and focused through the electric field interface inside the inner tank, and are accelerated and projected to the output end by the high-voltage power supply to form an electronic image. The electronic image is again converted into a visible light image by the cesium iodide on the output screen, and reflected to the camera connected to the output end through the aluminum film.
The benefits of using an X-ray image intensifier are:
1. Reduce the amount of X-ray exposure, so that patients and doctors are less exposed to X-ray radiation;
2. Improve the brightness, so that the doctor can observe the image in the bright room;
3. Due to the use of television to observe images, it can be used for remote consultation and teaching.
Regardless of the type of X-ray image intensifier, the internal structure is basically the same, so the reasons for failure are the same. The core of the X-ray image intensifier is the image intensifier tube. Now, there are two widely used image intensifier tubes: variable field of view image intensifiers and fixed-vision industrial image intensifier tubes.


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