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What is the function of X-ray image intensifier?

An X-ray image intensifier, also known as a perspective viewer, is a device used to intensify and magnify X-ray images. It usually consists of fluorescent screen, optical lens and digital conversion system.
The main function of X-ray image intensifier is to make X-ray images clearer and more detailed. As the X-rays pass through the object being inspected and pass through the image intensifier, they interact with the phosphor screen to produce visible light. Visible light is focused by an optical lens and converted into a digital image by a digital conversion system.
With image intensifiers, doctors and technicians can obtain higher quality and clearer X-ray images. This is very important for detecting and diagnosing patient conditions. X-ray image intensifiers increase the brightness and contrast of images, providing more detail and helping doctors more accurately locate lesions and injuries.
In addition, image intensifiers can magnify X-ray images, allowing doctors to examine patients’ conditions more closely. By zooming in on the image, doctors can detect smaller and fainter abnormalities. This helps to detect lesions earlier, providing more timely and effective treatment.
In addition to the medical field, X-ray image intensifiers are also widely used in industrial fields, such as material inspection, non-destructive inspection, etc. In these fields, image intensifiers help engineers and technicians analyze and evaluate the quality and structure of materials.
In short, the function of X-ray image intensifier is to provide clearer and detailed images by enhancing and enlarging X-ray images. It plays an important role in both medicine and industry, helping doctors, engineers and technicians to accurately detect and diagnose problems and provide better treatment and assessment options.
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