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What is the image intensifier TV system?

The image intensifier X-ray television system is generally composed of an X-ray impact enhancement system and an X-ray closed-circuit television system. To be precise, the image intensifier system is composed of an image intensifier and its associated X-ray system. The optical system is different depending on the configuration, and there are single light path, double light path, and three light path.

Type of image intensifier

The X-ray closed-circuit television system consists of an X-TV camera, an electrical control box, and an image display.
System advantages of image intensifiers:
1. Achieving obvious operation, it is more convenient to observe the image with the display, the clarity is improved, and the labor intensity of the staff is reduced.
2. The X-ray dose is reduced because the image intensifier increases the fluorescence brightness by several thousand times, which causes the perspective mA to drop, and the micro focus can be used to improve the image sharpness.
3. It is easy to digitize images and facilitate teaching and research.


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