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What is the reason for the high-pressure ignition of the X-ray image intensifier?

X-ray image intensifiers usually fail in two situations: one is that there is no image at all; the other is geometric shapes. This phenomenon is usually called image distortion. The main reason is the X-ray image intensifier itself. Conclusion: X-ray Distortion failure of image intensifier is a common failure. When the ground wire of the video signal is disconnected, it will also appear as distortion. The normal way to repair the distortion phenomenon is to first check whether the high-voltage power supply is normal, and then confirm the ground of the video signal line. Whether the line is good, and finally check whether the voltage of the high-voltage power supply that affects the high-voltage drive circuit of the X-ray intensifier is normal. If the vacuum part of the X-ray intensifier is distorted due to aging, it cannot be repaired. Therefore, the distortion fault needs to be repaired. Balance various factors to make the correct maintenance plan.
The ignition of the high-voltage power supply is caused by the reduction of the high-voltage insulation strength and humidity. After analyzing the law of failure and summing up experience, it is ensured that the machine is kept dry in humid weather, and moisture and condensation are prevented. This situation has nothing to do with the high-voltage power supply.
Seeing this, I believe everyone has some understanding of the repair method of high-voltage ignition of X-ray image intensifiers. If this kind of failure occurs, it is not necessarily a failure of the high-voltage power supply. If you have any questions, remember to contact us.

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