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What machines can be used for triple-field x-ray image intensifier?

The triple-field x-ray image intensifier is composed of a shell, an intensifier vacuum tube (including an intensifier input screen and an intensifier output screen), a high voltage power supply module and a high voltage cable. The main function of the triple-field x-ray image intensifier is to observe the irradiated object and convert the invisible X ray into visible light.
Triple-field x-ray image intensifier are generally used for X images of dynamic images, such as C arms and UC arms. General C arm is used more.
Triple-field x-ray image intensifier can also be used for X-ray machine, digital gastrointestinal machine, lithotripsy machine, the human body perspective, play a role in locating and analyzing lesions.
Triple-field x-ray image intensifier is used in image intensifier TV System.
triple-field x-ray image intensifier


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